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October 11, 2006


Alexander Kjerulf

Nice post.

There is an interesting, underlying assumption here, that seriousness leads to results.

I'm not sure that's true - I think that most of the time, a light, fun, unserious attitude gives a business even better results - even when the products are mission critical.

Serious does not equal attentive, focused or committed.

And fun and relaxed does not equal lax, disinterested or careless.


I think it is good to be serious about a small number of things. Google is very serious about their coding guidelines for example, but very loose in general.


I wonder if it work across teams ? Is Hill the way he is because someone else in OM was too serious ? I'm naming no names, but have my suspicions.

Michael Feathers

Thanks for the comments. Yes, I think that there is an assumption that seriousness leads to results. And, it's not unfounded. The question is, when does it go too far? And, what really matters?

Alan.. I think Hill is Hill no matter where he is :-)

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