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June 18, 2007



Regarding the Reddit post, I'm just amazed how much bile (and personal insults) a post about programming can evoke in people.

The internet is a strange place.


So, maybe guard clauses are less icky than long, nested, if-else trees? Having fewer "if" mean having fewer "else" too, and you don't suppose that reducing the number of decisions makes code clearer?

I guess it was not that hard of an observation to justify. Odd that it ticked people off. You'd think he recommended not writing comments (http://butunclebob.com/ArticleS.TimOttinger.ApologizeIncode and http://worsethanfailure.com/Comments/So_Bad_It_Needs_An_Apology.aspx?pg=4 )or something.

Ah, well, you of all people know that you can't say anything you think is important or useful without someone getting offended. I guess that's the way of it.

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