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September 10, 2007


Bernard Farrell


Have you seen the movie Homo Faber? It has an interesting storyline that sounds a little like the book that you were reading. Not a great movie, but an interesting take on serendipity and coincidence.

Thanks for letting me know about Auster.

Stefan Chis

It is my hope that that some agilists spend time reading "Experiences in Groups" by Bion. The human side of communicating & collaborating is hardly addressed in the current crop of agile books.

Anyway, it was a (pleasant) surprise to find out what you're reading. Just a warning: Zizek is not easy. And a minor quibble: to my knowledge Lacan and Bion (psychoanalists both) have not been working together.

Bonne lecture!

Michael Feathers


I've read the first half of Bion's 'Experiences in Groups.' I should finish it. He has a very elliptical writing style. I was fascinated by how he, essentially, toyed with his therapeutic groups to draw insight into group dynamics.

Another great book that I've found is 'Paradoxes of Group Life' by Smith and Berg. It definitely changed the way that see groups.

Re Bion and Lacan, yes I think I overstated it if I said they worked together. However, I remember reading about a visit that Lacan made to Bion at some point. I forget where I read it.

Halvard Hagesaether

Another "link" between programming and Lacan is languages. He thought languages were both meaning too much and too little at the same time and that almost only trained psychoanalysts could understand what we really mean.

Hopefully we don't need a psychoanalyst to decipher our code :) (but we should learn more from the soft sciences!)

By the way, I was at two of you lectures at NDC2009. Great stuff!

Stéphane Erbrech

:) hey Michael,
I attended NDC 2009 and discovered there your interests (as well as the interests of other great speakers such as uncle bob :) )
I don't know how I got to this article now, but it's interesting to see the kind of books you read and how they relate to the whole agile movement. As I'm french, I will probably have a look into Bion and Lacan's work now, by curiosity. After all, putting together the agile practices is about finding the ones that fits best the configuration of your team isn't it? Doesn't this imply "[...] trying to understand the basis of emotional experience and motivation [...]" ?


Typo alert: Solvenian -> Slovenian.

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