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October 26, 2007


Hamlet D'Arcy

I'd love to see the slides/material. Up until recently C++ was my main language and I had a lot of pain attempting to do TDD. I ended up rolling my own unit testing framework and performing TDD at the functional test level rather than individual units. My experience was very positive and the team ended up adopting it pretty well.

Robert Schmitt


Are you aware of UnitTest++? It's an xUnit
framework inspired by your cppUnitLite framework, written primarily by two game programmers :-)

Michael Feathers


Yes. I haven't used UnitTest++ but it's great to see some of the ideas live on. Recently, I've been using something I wrote called CppUnitUltraLite :-)


I'll have to see what I can do about releasing it.

Eric Jacobsen

I'd be interested in seeing your material for TDD in C++ . . . currently trying to get into TDD with my project in MSVC6 with lots of 'legacy' code.


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