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December 24, 2007


lee doolan

I like this observation, but Alpha, Beta and Gamma are really points along a continuum --am I stating the obvious here?

I doubt that very many organizations are aligned with the leading edge of all of the tools, subsystems and components that they use.

There are some organizations that may be running really crusty versions of things because the consequences of not running those versions (1) are not known or (2) are just too horrible to contemplate.

I would not be a bit surprised to find an IBM 650 emulator running somewhere in production.

Sad Programmer

You see this everywhere, 10 year old versions of Perl, Python 1.5.2, ancient versions of MySQL that don't have transactions or views. On and on.

Usually the managers wet their pants because upgrading might cause problems. These are in settings where deploy takes a couple of hours and a rollback takes the same.

It's depressing, since I keep my home systems up to the minute.

Which reminds me, if it wasn't Christmas Eve I'd install Perl 5.10 tonight.

Peter Booth

I once took a job at a Gamma software company. The worst career move I ever made. I should have realized when the smartest coder there was fired after I'd been there ten weeks.

Never ever ever ever again. Hey one benefit was that on the third day I bought a book from Amazon called "Working Effectively with Legacy Code." The job still sucked but the book was a good road map.

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