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December 19, 2007



I don't think this is a post-9/11 problem. I've heard gruesome stories about the INS before that date already. Still, something
changed: Americans seem to be willing to accept even more than before that there adminstration is doing "the right thing."

Why do US politicians talk about waterboarding instead of tackling the real issues like healthcare and sustainable sources of energy? Did their mothers not give them any love when they were kids? Why don't they feel any shame that there is people that are kept prisoner in Guantanamo even though the prisoners' files say that there is no evidence against them? Did some kid hold them prisoner in the schoolyard, and this is their way of taking revenge?

Some people think this will change with a Democrat in the White House. I don't think so. Things may change when more people start
asking questions. So thanks Michael for
doing just that :-)

Michael Feathers

Bob, thanks for your comment. I wish I knew of other people who were asking these questions. It's one thing to be outraged by various things, but it's yet another to really ask why.

My gut tells me that scapegoating has something to do with it. As people feel less secure, they push rules to "make" things secure. Then, they can see the rule breakers as "the other" and gain some (illusory) sense of control.

It also seems to be something that is tied to the economy. I notice that when I visit countries that are in some "bubble economy" phase there's this sense of expansiveness that wipes away the severity. It reminds me of various "bubbly" periods in the US too.

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Will the culture the most factor of this problem?

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