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November 27, 2008


allan kelly

Practise Test First Travel with your Russian visa.

Check your visa as soon as you get it.
Check your visa before you get on the plane.
Especially double check the dates.

A few years ago I accepted the visa my agent gave me. I didn't test first, I travelled and left the testing till later.

I arrived in Moscow, presented the landing card to the immigration which they accepted. They didn't test the exit date on the landing card matched the end date of the visa.

Only on the train into Moscow did my wife check the dates. And found my visa had an out by 5 error.

Getting a visa extension after you arrive is hell. A tribute to honest Russian officials we did it without bribing anyone.

Shame your not getting to Novosibirsk, there is a nice beach.

Michael Feathers


Thanks for the advice. I've read horror stories about that. My visa will actually be fer a period longer than my travel there. I suppose that the exit date on the landing card can be for a period shorter than the visa. At least I'm hoping.


Please make sure you have a really warm jacket :-)

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