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August 21, 2010



Are learning. It was accepted.

Mika Moilanen

Reading Cedric Beust's blog posting reminded me of interesting article by
B. Meyer title "Seven Principles of Testing" (http://www.eiffel.com/general/column/2008/02.html).

In my opinion it provides a solid and well-clarified background for discussions around the effectiveness of testing.

Discuss :)

Akash Chopra

I'm guessing that each "scene" in the movie is a different class within the system?

It would also be interesting to display multiple classes in a single scene and show how they evolve over time. This could help visualize the different between festering code bases and budding code bases.

How did you produce the dependency graphs? Do you have a tool that analyses the code?


People have different skills. I personally only start to refactor when the complexity has risen beyond my abilities. THat is whysome people need to go mad with patterns and some tend to have mire concrete implementations. The latter ones are written by people who can survive a little less separation than the others.


I read, I rarely understand. But thank you this article. I'll read it and new

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Having reading this blog i realize it was helpful in so many ways. Genius!

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