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February 21, 2011


Steve Freeman

If we think about another graph of value per head vs. number of teams, I would guess that it would be a power law. Most teams are so trapped by their history that they can't contribute very much, while there's a tiny number of teams who have the right tools and circumstances to bring in the revenue.

Michael Feathers

@SteveFreeman. Agreed. I think that organizational inertia is the elephant in the living room. I really like the model of orgs that Gordon MacKenzie presented in 'Orbiting the Giant Hairball' [ http://www.amazon.com/Orbiting-Giant-Hairball-Corporate-Surviving/dp/0670879835 ] fits very well. Orgs drown in their own history.

Steve Knight

Very thought provoking.

At the risk of being called a luddite, I sometimes think that some of the enormous effort invested in new technologies actually generates a drag at the front end of this thought-curve too.

Making the super-effective less-effective whilst they come up with new and more interesting ways to make that wheel turn slower, and more abstractly.

But not all advancement is bad and if we could pick the good ones in advance we'd all be very rich I suspect!

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I like it though.

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